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Herdsires and Male Llamas For Sale

We typically wait to breed both our males and females until they are over 2 ½ years old. We feel that this ensures that the females are mature enough to carry a cria full term and produce adequate milk. The males will have more fully developed their bone structure and will depict their true conformation and dispositions by this time.

Our breedings are carefully considered. We choose the males that we think will improve on the female's qualities. We hand breed our llamas so that we know exactly when the female has conceived and can more accurately predict the cria's birth date. We keep detailed breeding records. Our llamas are bred from January 1 through April 15 to avoid births and later gestation during the hotter months. Colors cannot normally be determined from the parents unless there has been a long line of a particular color in one of the animal's lineage, or the animal has proven to be particularly prepotent.

Our service sires have been chosen for strong conformation, gentle dispositions, good bone, and long, curly fiber. Even though they've been shorn to help them through the summer heat, they are all either medium wool or long wool with the exception of our beautiful, new suri male, Chief Justice. All of our breeding males are very well mannered and gentle, and some are also for sale!


News Flash!
Chief just took Reserve Grand
Champion at 2006 Central Regionals!

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WoodsEdge Chief Justice

½ Bolivian Suri Male
DOB 3/15/04 – ILR #254330

Sire: MRS Sikini Chief – ILR#236454
Dam: Woodsedge Zsa Zsa - ILR #233756

Stud Fee: $1000

We are so excited to have this gorgeous suri in our breeding program. He comes out of the prestigious Bolivian Radical suri lines on the top side and his mother’s genetics are those from the very successful White Heat line. He is ranked as a Star in the SLA keuring which is top of the SLA rankings. He took two seconds in his first two very large shows. He was Grand Champion in his most recent ALSA show and Grand Champion in the first CLI show winning firsts in conformation, fiber, and overall. His suri fiber is consistent throughout his body with locks on his forehead and legs which is unusual but highly regarded in the suri animals. He has a wonderful, personable disposition. His bone is growing bigger by the day. He turns heads at all his shows with his beautiful lustrous fiber, fantastic ears, and gorgeous red and white coloring. His first two babies (both females) were born this past winter and they have beautiful, soft/silky wool, excellent conformation, and his extremely docile, friendly disposition.      



¾ Chilean Male
DOB 7 /12 /93 - ILR #120632

Sire: Sancho Ponza –ILR #74642
Dam: Hughes Belle Starr – ILR #67246

Stud Fee $500.00

Starrbucks came to us from northwest Washington state. The first time we saw him at a show we fell in love with him and begged his owner to sell him to us. He is a sweet, gentle, black guy with a white tuxedo. His long, fine (23.9 micron as an adult) flowing fiber drops in ringlets. He is flashy, regal, and has wonderful balance. He and his offspring have brought home many show ribbons. He has uniformly improved on females and produces a majority of silver cria. Starrbucks carries the awesome fiber genetics of both Don Juan Quixote and Senior Wenses! His offspring have his wonderful, calm disposition.


Ledgestone's Spritzer

Gelded 5/8 Chilean Male
DOB 11 /1 /98 - ILR #201523

Sire: RAR Chilean Stetson – ILR # 124057
Dam: MV Confetti – ILR# 164354


Spritzer is 5/8 Chilean. He has a beautiful panda face like his dam, Confetti, and Stetson's strong conformation. He is the boy that I mentioned earlier that loves to rest his head on my shoulder and have his jaw scratched. He stood very still with his head down while a little 3 year old girl have him a huge bear hug and he is extremely gentle with all children. His fiber is incredibly lustrous and fine and he has curls down to his toes (except that it has melted off from standing in his wading pool in the summer). He will make a wonderful pet or guardian.


North American Male
DOB 4/15/02 – ILR #239961

Sire: Mashuga - ILR #138510
Dam: Dasani - ILR #213593

Stud Fee $ 750.00

It is amazing how this huge, heavy wooled, large-boned male is so gentle and easy to handle. His father is the gorgeous and very popular Mashuga and his mother, a Tuna Catcher daughter, sold for over $20,000 a couple of years ago. His lines are impeccable and we are expecting some beautiful crias from him next spring. He absolutely loves to show and is always a hit at the shows with his impressive size and sweet disposition. He took second at his most recent show. His first cria is on the ground and is growing into a large, very sweet and intelligent girl with awesome conformation.

LWP Dashiell Hammett

Gelded North American Male
DOB 4/6/02
ILR #241319

Sire: Timberwind’s Citizen Kane - ILR #192427
Dam: Desert Heart’s Swan Song -ILR #216592


Dash is a handsome, heavy- wooled boy with large bone and wonderful, fine fiber. He is so soft. His father won more Grand Championships than any other llama at the time of Dash’s birth. He is a very sweet, easy to handle show llama that has ribboned many times. He will make a wonderful pet or guardian and will look gorgeous in you pasture with those beautiful heavy wool pantaloons.

WDF Lyon Dancer

Full Bolivian Gelding
DOB 5/27/00
ILR #2262022

Sire: Lion of Bolivia - ILR#92181
Dam: WLL Cinnabon - ILR#177743


This chunky, little guy is so sweet and huggable. He was born one month premature and broke his leg at one week old and has always shown a wonderful zest for life. Lyon has so much spirit and is a pure joy to be with. He loves to give kisses. He will make a wonderful pet but may be too small to guard.

WDF Flash Dancer

Gelded Mini Male
DOB 2/1/01 – ILR #230366

Sire: Silversides – ILR #155882
Dam: Dullcinea – ILR #201468


Flash has been one of my favorites since he was a cria. He has beautiful shiny black, silky fiber with a white tuxedo front. He is heavy wooled and heavy boned. Flash is a Grand Champion mini llama and has ribboned in several mini shows. He has his dam's sweet and affectionate disposition. He's a bouncy little guy that thinks that life is truly wonderful and meant for playing day in and day out. His sire, Silversides, is a gorgeous silver llama from Hickory Hollow Ranch. This guy will make a wonderful guard for alpacas, sheep or goats or a great pet due to his smaller stature.


Gelded Male
DOB 9/17/02 – ILR #243648

Sire: Piano Man - ILR #191253
Dam: Annie Lee -  ILR #136498


Nickleodeon is a heavy  wooled, heavy boned male with fantastic, fine and lustrous fiber and beautiful coloring. He has a wonderful headset and big, gentle eyes. He is sired by the much desired Piano Man. Nickleodeon has been show winning many ribbons and is extremely easy to handle and groom. This smaller male is easy to handle and will make a wonderful pet, guardian, or packer. He has the most amazing wool coverage.

WDF Black Gold Dancer

DOB 3/31/04 – ILR #257306

Sire: RDRL Manchado- ILR #161475
Dam:Siete’ De Mayo - ILR #183065


This pet quality male is small and easy to handle. He never hesitates to come greet you at the gate. He and Chocolate Cappacino are inseparable and will be sold as a pair.

WDF Chocolate Cappacino

Gelded Mini Male
DOB 5/9/04 – ILR #257307

Sire:  LW Etienne - ILR #176463
Dam: Champagne Shasta- ILR #227039


This little guy has the most beautiful face and ears. He is a little shy but very gentle. His wool is very soft and a gorgeous chocolate color. His grandfather is the famous Gucci and his mother is our Lion of Bolivia granddaughter. Cappy is a really easy care llama and would make a good pet or guardian.

WDF Man of La Mancha

Gelded ¾ Chilean Male
DOB 1/3/05
ILR #262607

Sire: Ledgestone’s Spritzer - ILR # 201523
Dam: Dullcinea - ILR #201468


We call him “PhuPhu” because he just bounced through the pasture endlessly when he was a cria. He has the most wonderful disposition on the farm because both of his parents are so sweet and lovable. PhuPhu is one of my favorite llamas born at our farm and has been a joy to have here due to his fun loving nature and beautiful coloring and wool. He will make a great pet or can be used to guard or pack.

We have several male yearlings that are ready for sale as pets, guardians, or future breeding quality males. Please E-Mail or call for photos if you are interested.


Gelded Male
DOB 7/16/04 –
ILR #Pending

Sire: Cachete - ILR # TBA
Dam: Sulena - ILR# TBA


Whootie is a  large, sweet male that will make a wonderful pet or guardian. He has very fine, lustrous, thick white and light grey fiber that will be wonderful for a spinner.



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