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Female Llamas For Sale.

We breed for correct conformation, good health, gentle disposition, and fine fiber. We prefer heavy wool animals with bigger bone and are now adding suri genetics to our breeding program to add the beautiful fiber and elegance these animals exhibit. We breed to outside proven males, as well as our own studs, to ensure that our herd genetics remain diverse.

We continuously strive to improve our herd. Conformation and good health are very important to us, but we also concentrate heavily on trying to produce animals with sweet, gentle dispositions. We feel that genetics are important in determining disposition, but we also treat our animals with kindness and respect from the time they are born. We have found that this produces adults that are self-confident and gentle. The dams should provide the qualities listed above, strong mothering instincts and abundant milk. The sires should improve on the dam's qualities such as bone, fiber, size, conformation and disposition.

We currently need to reduce our herd significantly so we have several llamas for sale, including but not limited to the ones shown here. We offer discounts on the purchase of more than one llama. (Llamas are herd animals and need the companionship of another llama.)

We have three weanling females that are available for sale at this time. Two are Chief Justice babies and one is a Panero baby. They all have wonderful dispositions, beautiful fiber, and very nice conformation. Pictures will be coming soon or we can send pictures via E-mail if you are interested.

We also have breeding males and geldings for sale on our Herdsires And Male Llamas For Sale page.

GI Jane

Bred North American Female
DOB 7/27/98- ILR #214912

Sire: Zydeco’s Cricket – ILR #125090
Dam: Sweet Baby Jane B.J. – ILR #89915


Jane is a large, easy care girl with fantastic show quality conformation, beautiful coloring and a nice disposition. Her first baby is a beautiful show llama with great conformation and a sweet disposition.GI Jane is bred to Chief Justice for a fall 2009 baby.

Bauernheim’s Morticia

Bred North American Female
DOB 6/7/98 – IRL #207861

Sire: Sheherazade’s Black Knight – ILR #103664
Dam: Bros Umbra– ILR #123485


Tish is an extremely large, elegant female that makes beautiful babies. Her genetics are top notch coming from one of the most famous llama breeding programs in the country. She is bred to Panero for a fall 2009 baby.

NLA Calypso Lady

Bred ½ Bolivian Female
DOB 9/18/00 – ILR#228712

Sire: FW Todos Santos – ILR #177511
Dam: Faux Finish – ILR #130798


Calypso is a riot of colors. She is a really friendly, beautiful llama that is a joy to be around. She is easy to handle. Her first baby had gorgeous fiber and beautiful silver coloring. We just love this girl. She is bred to No Fear (an outside breeding) for a spring 2007 baby.

WLL Cinnabon

Bolivian Female
DOB 10-24-96 – ILR #177743

Sire: WLL Bolivian BlackhawkILR #95323
Dam: FW Honey Bunny – ILR #86042


Cinnabon is a gorgeous cinnamon red Bolivian with white and black markings on her head, neck and lower legs. She is a big girl with nice bone and good conformation. She had organophosphate poisoning at her previous owners and has had some liver problems. We have decided not to breed her but she will make a beautiful pet and fiber animal.

Sieta’ De Mayo

Bred - ½ Chilean/1/4 Bolivian Female
DOB 5/7/97 – ILR #183065

Sire: Firecracker – ILR # 106922
Dam: Imperia – ILR #70229


She has a stunning red and white female cria at side sired by Chief Justice. WDF Liberty and Justice (Libby) was born in December and has her mother’s beautiful coloring. She has gorgeous silky fiber, is extremely easy to handle and has a sweet disposition. She is a smart girl that is really easy to handle, shear, and lead. She is a great mom with tons of milk.


Bred 5/8 Chilean Female
DOB 11/7/97 – IL R#201468

Sire: Sancho Ponza – ILR #74642
Dam: HLM Hello Dolly – ILR #137997


Dulcie is one of the sweetest llamas you could hope to meet! She loves to give hugs and have her back scratched. She has been a fantastic mother with lots of milk. She is extremely easy to handle and doesn't mind being groomed. Her sire is the beautiful Chilean llama, Sancho Ponza. Dulcie is bred to Chief Justice for a fall 2009 baby.

CTERS Harmonie

Bred Female
DOB 11/23/03 – ILR #253852

Sire: GLR High Hopes- ILR #226057
Dam: Harmonica - ILR #204933


Harmonie is such a cutie. She has beautiful guanaco coloring with bright gold on the top, ivory on the bottom, and a gorgeous gray face. She will be bred to Chief Justice for a fall 2009 baby.

Champagne Shasta

½ Peruvian, ¼ Bolivian, ¼ Chilean
Bred Female
DOB 9/7/00 – ILR #227093

Sire: Engarde - ILR #164103
Dam: Lion’s Nala - ILR #129804


This huge, champagne-colored girl is a beautiful show llama. One of the judges called her “a kick-butt llama”. She comes from the very famous lines of Engarde and Lion of Bolivia. She is very easy to handle and groom. Her female baby, Grace in Motion (Gracie), sired by Panero was born in December. She is a beautiful brown weanling with a wonderful disposition and show quality confirmation. Her wool is very fine and soft and she is truly Grace in Motion since she took her first steps a few minutes after birth. Shasta will be rebred to Panero for a fall 2009 baby.

KLR Mashuga’s Blaze

Bred North American Female
DOB 11/26/99 - ILR #234035

Sire: Mashuga - ILR #138510
Dam: Bend’s Finale - ILR #127480


This large girl has the most beautiful ears that practically touch in the center. She is so pretty and easy to handle. She is so much fun to be around and loves to play with the little ones. Her first cria is a female and was Grand Champion at the 2004 San Antonio show. She places high in every show. She is bred to Chief Justice for a fall 2009 baby.

H-W Centerfold

Bred ½ Bolivian, ¼ Chilean Female
DOB 12/01/01 - ILR #261981

Sire: Gitano of Bolivia - ILR #104636
Dam: Moka Java - ILR #152613


This large girl has bountiful, curly wool that covers her head and legs. Her photo shows a full body shear last year and a barrel shear this year. She has the most amazing, huge bone which make for a very substantial female. She is bred to Panero for a summer 2009 baby. We can hardly wait to see this baby.

Stage Stop Dancing Starr

¾ Bolivian Female
DOB 8/15/03 - ILR #253821

Sire: Maverstar ILR #135607
Dam: WLK Dancer - ILR #226280


Dancing Starr is the straightest female with a perfect topline and tailset. She has shown many times winning ribbons at every show and winning Grand Champion at a large show. She has extremely fine, soft wool that is wonderful to handle and spin. Dancing Starr will be ready for breeding this fall.


We also have breeding males and geldings for sale on our Herdsires And Male Llamas For Sale page.

We hope you'll visit us and meet these wonderful creatures that have captured our hearts. If you love animals, there's no doubt they will capture your heart too.


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