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Hello and Welcome to Wind Dancer Farm Llamas.

We are Jim and Cathy Ramsey, and we live on a small farm about 40 miles southeast of Denver, Colorado. We recently moved from the Houston area to the Denver area to provide a cooler climate more conducive to the llamas health and well being as well as ours. We love it here with the four seasons, lower humidity, and much fewer biting and stinging creatures. Our farm sits on 40 rolling acres covered with beautiful ponderosa pines.

We share our farm with over 30 llamas, two Papillons, a Pomeranian, a Great Pyrenees guard dog, 2 rescue lab mixes, 4 cats, mule deer, coyotes, lots of wild birds, porcupines, rabbits, and various other creatures.

We are a full service ranch. A purchase of one of our llamas, whether guard quality, pet quality, breeding, or show quality, includes a halter and lead, a 50 pound bag of llama feed, a bale of hay, delivery within 200 miles, and detailed health and maintenance records.. We will provide a lifetime of support when you buy from us. We will help you with advice on feed issues, medical concerns, heat stress problems, shearing, showing, packs, feed, and anything else that you are concerned about.

We offer free room and board for a purchased llama for up to 60 days while you provide the proper facilities for them at your ranch. If we don't have the llama of your dreams we will help you find other reputable breeders.

We provide guarantees that our animals are healthy when sold, and breeding and show quality animals come with reproductive capability guarantees. Purchase of stud service from one of our sires comes with a live birth guarantee (re-breeding is at no cost for failure to produce a live cria), full room and board for the female for up to 45 days and a pregnancy (progesterone) test. We will provide a contract signed by both parties for both sale animals and stud services.


Wind Dancer is an American Indian phrase
meaning “Celebration of the Spirit”
which epitomizes the effect llamas have had on our lives.


We love our llamas like children. Llamas are intelligent, sensitive, curious creatures with big, kind eyes that reveal the wonderful old souls inside. Each llama has a different personality. Just like people, some are more intelligent than others, some are more outgoing, some are more head-strong. Some love to try new things; some just want to live their lives out calmly viewing the world around them. One of our boys will come up, put his head on my shoulder, and rest it there if he senses that I am upset about something. He will stand there forever, letting me scratch his jaw while I tell him my troubles.

The first question we get about llamas is "Do they spit?"
In our experience, llamas only spit at people if people get in the way of a spitting match with other llamas, if they have been handled improperly and think that people are llamas, or if they're badly frightened or hurt. Normal, well trained llamas just don't purposely spit on people. If you do happen to get spit upon, it doesn't cause any harm and washes off.


Llamas are herd animals and establish a dominance structure in the herd that is fascinating to watch. There may be a chief llama over the herd, a chief llama over feed, and a chief llama over cria (baby llama) education. If a llama oversteps her position in the herd, the llama higher in the hierarchy may spit at her to ensure that she remembers her proper place.


The crias (baby llamas) are precocious and wonderful. They are usually up and nursing within an hour after birth. In no time at all they are bounding through the pasture with total abandon and joy. They love to play "chase" with each other and will leap in the air with all four feet off the ground. Sometimes at dusk, they will start pronking around the perimeter of the pasture and the adults will join in. It is one of the most joyful things you will ever see. Cria Spritzer 2

We hope you will visit us and meet these wonderful creatures that have captured our hearts. If you love animals, there's no doubt they will capture your heart too.


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In Memorial to Black Lace, “Lacy”
April 13, 1995 - November 6, 2006

Our first llama love and the one who started all this.
We’ll miss her.



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